Fulbright partner in England

December 2013.

This last spring, I was elated to find out that I had been awarded and matched for the Fulbright Teacher Exchange.  The exchanges take place in several countries and there were about 60 exchanges awarded nationally each year from the US State Department.  My family would have moved to England for the year and I would have traded teaching jobs, houses, even cars with a teacher of the same grade in England for the school year.   Our students this year would have had a truly wonderful experience!  Unfortunately politics intervened in March and early April.  After 64 years the Fulbright Teacher Exchange was discontinued after the federal budget sequester went into effect.

See:  http://www.fcps.edu/pla/opp/fe/docs2011_12/2011-12%20Web%20all.pdf



Mr. Smith also has a fascinating blog of his exchange this school year in Hungary (for this school year the only exchanges cancelled were exchanges to England, next school year there will be no more exchanges.)  He is one of the last Fulbright Teacher Exchange alumi.  See:  http://mrsmithfulbright.blogspot.com/

However, after contacting the organization that administered the Fulbright Teacher Exchange for the US State Department, I was able to find out who I was matched with–Mr. David Goodchild teaches in England and was also awarded and matched for the Fulbright program.  We are now working on ways to connect our classes virtually.  Here is David’s class (photo credit:  David Goodchild):



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