Google Certified Educator Level 1

Badge-GCE-Level1 (1)

I went through the Google Certified Educator Level 1 training and passed the certification exam.  The Google training and exam are located at:

As far as self guided online trainings go, this one is very thorough and helpful.  Our district switched to using GAFE (Google Apps for Education) this fall and last spring I was on the grade level team that piloted a 1:1 Chromebook pilot.  This training is good for anyone who is starting GAFE from scratch and for others who have already started using GAFE.  It filled in holes and showed me new applications to use while using GAFE.  The part I liked was that during the tutorials and practice quizzes–and even on the certification exam itself–I could Google any steps to make sure I could complete the scenarios.  During the certification exam I had a a temporary Google account and rather than explaining tasks, I had to do them.  I would recommend this training for anyone who is using GAFE or anyone who coaches people who do.



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